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What Do Blinds Do?

Blinds can help you to protect rooms from excessive sunlight, and they are also a great way to ensure privacy. Blinds can also protect workers from direct sun and heat, and help to control the environment in a business setting including computer screens.

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We can help you to select the right blinds for your windows, from traditional Venetian Blinds to Roller, Roman, Vertical and Blackout blinds. Whatever your needs, call us today to find out how we can help you.

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Venetian and Vertical blinds

If you want to add style and elegance to a room, then Venetian or Vertical blinds could be the obvious choice. We can help you to select and fit Venetian or Vertical blinds to make windows and doors more attractive. Our specialist teams can offer you a no-obligation quote, with free fitting on all Venetian and Vertical blinds.

Firstly, these blinds are extremely functional, being operated by a single cord per blind. They allow you to choose exactly the amount of light entering the room. They are also very durable and easy to clean. Available in a range of materials and colours, they are an interior designer's dream, and can fit any style or period features.

Roman blinds

If you are looking for attractive and functional blinds for a home or commercial properties, then Roman blinds could be the style for you. They are a traditional blind that can be stylish and tailored for a contemporary look, or made with soft, pleated drapes for a Romantic or Victorian-era look. Suitable for any window.

Roman blinds provide practical and yet modern design features which complement any room. They can be used for blackouts, light filtering, or to provide insulation in winter. Different styles include classic shades which have stacked folds when lowered, while modern styles are flat when lowered. Pleated shades are stacked folds with large pleats nearly one foot wide, when open.



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If you have windows that need to be shaded against the sun, our roller blinds could be the solution. The blinds allow users complete control over the amount of light entering the room and the position of the blind can be raise or lowered as required.


Our roller blinds are easily controlled by a single cord, so you don't have to struggle with different pulleys to get the shade you want.

Roller blinds

These blinds can be used with curtains, or simply as shades in a kitchen. Blinds can be used to ensure privacy at night, or to protect the room from sun during the day. They are also an elegant tool when used in commercial and business properties.


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Blackout blinds

If you are looking for blackout blinds for a workspace or bedroom in East Anglia, then Astral Awnings & Blinds could help. Blackout blinds are ideal for those situations where sunlight isn't welcome, such as a photographer's dark room, or a baby's bedroom. Blackout blinds are also ideal for work places where sunlight glare is a problem.

Blackout blinds can help to darken bedrooms where sunlight can penetrate your curtains. This means better sleep for both adults and children. Blackout blinds can also benefit your home office where sunlight glare affects computer screens, preventing headaches and eye strain.


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